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MyTouch 3G Not Ringing


Android Enthusiast
Dec 29, 2009
I have a MyTouch 3G, or rather my wife does, that suddenly has stopped making any sound for incoming calls and the alarm. The vibrate works fine, it's only the sound that is not working.

It has been working fine until last Thursday, since then, nothing. I've tried battery, SIM, SD pulls and even a factory reset but nothing is working.

Anyone have any ideas on what it could possibly be? Other than it not making and sound the phone works perfectly.
I've tried taking the battery and SIM card out for 10 minutes and putting them back in. Sometimes it helps briefly and sometimes not at all. I've ordered a new battery from an Amazon.com Marketplace Seller and I'm going to try that. I must also mention that I am not using the phone with T-Mobile service...I had it unlocked to use with a Simple Mobile SIM card. The vibrate feature doesn't work either when it's supposed to ring, but my text/e-mail notification sound still works.
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