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I'm using "Better Keyboard". It costs a couple of dollars but it works great. You can get both audio and tactile feedback on the keys. It looks really nice to. I noticed that you can also get "skins" for this keyboard and those are free I believe.

but i really am never going to pay for a keyboard when there are nice ones on thw market and people are always going to be making more
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I'm just looking into this just now. I wouldn't mind one with slighlty bigger buttons as I've got big thumbs - although not having that many issues with the native keyboard.

I was looking at Better Keyboard, but don't want to pay for it if it's not any better.

Well, it does have the ability to go into a QWERTY keyboard in vertical mode which means the keys will be bigger. Don't know how much that helps.
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but then again that costs money and im looking to stay away from that i feel like tap tap keyboard if it had vibration and predictive text it would be the best keyboard out there, its extremely uncoventional layout makes it extremely accurate and once you get used to the layout you can absolutely fly! I highly reccomend trying it out
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