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MyTouch Sending Double Text Messages


Dec 22, 2009
Has anyone else been having this problem?

When I send a text message with the MyTouch, it frequently sends two copies of the text to the recipient (about 30-40% of all texts). This has been happening with multiple recipients, and multiple carriers (T-mobile, Verizon, Sprint, etc).

Tech support told me to put my SIM card in another phone, so I put it in a Nokia I have lying around. We couldn't duplicate the problem.

Tech support sent me another MyTouch. The double texts persisted.

Tech support told me to get a new SIM card. The double texts persisted.

So, as of right now, no matter what MyTouch I use, and what SIM card I use, if I send a text message, it has a 30-40% chance of being sent two times. Any suggestions?

(And no, they are not lengthy text messages being broken up into two, and no, I am not using a third party texting app.)

Oh, now I remember! I did have this problem for a little while, but I couldn't remember how I fixed it.

I'm willing to bet your contacts are sorted by Last name Comma First name. There's a bug in the basic messenger that causes double texts when it sees a comma. Replying to a text or adding to a text thread won't send a duplicate, but sending a new one from Compose (where you select the recipient from your contacts) will.

So you have two options. Go into your contacts, select the person from there and hit the Message button, or download an alternate SMS program, such as Handcent.
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