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Help Navigate with Maps or Nav? Landscape or Portrait?


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Dec 21, 2009
TEXAS - Liberty Hill
As the title asks... just curious if y'all use Maps or Nav to navigate or if you use them at all.

I like using Nav just to show it off, but I prefer to navigate with Maps (when I need it) since I can see all the streets around me.

I also prefer portrait over lanscape on either Maps or Nav since I can see what is coming up better.

Anyway... just curious.
I prefer Nav because of the turn by turn. However, last night Nav tried to take me 11 miles out of the way getting to an apartment complex I had never been to. Once I got nearby, I could see it trying to turn me away from the complex to cross the Potomac River, over the Woodrow Wilson bridge, exit to a freeway, pull a U turn, drive back over the bridge, all so I could approach the complex on a one way street from the back side.

I just looked at it with Maps and found my own sensible route, which is when I use it over Nav.
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