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navigation changed

My navigation got changed from the default and I cant get it back. Seems to have happened after someone used my s4 and signed me into google chrome. Instead of turn by turn voice, it is mow google maps. How do I get the navigation default back?


1. Go to settings.

2. Go to Application Manager.

3. Switch to the All listing with a right swipe.

4. Tap on the app you want to change.

5. Tap the Launch By Default to remove the default privilege for that app

Once you done with that, you will need to do some activity to invoke the pop up with list of apps and choose new default. Try sms-ing yourself a link to maps. It should then ask which app you want to use, then set that app as new default.
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I did the update to the new version but kept my icon...?
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Ladycat, here's how you do it.

1. go to "settings"
2. click on "more" in the top navigation bar
3. click on "application manager"
4. should show downloaded applications, scroll down to Chrome
5. Click on Chrome, and uninstall updates
6. Then, scroll down to maps
7. Click on maps and uninstall updates
8. Resume navigating on what is undoubtedly the best navigation application in existence.

Why Google is trying to switch users to the new google maps is beyond me. Bottom line...it's just not as good as the default application already installed on my phone.
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