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Need a fast, snappy SMS app


Jul 17, 2013
So I downloaded Go SMS Pro to replace the stock SMS app of my phone. Somehow, I don't find it to be fast or "snappy" enough for me. It's great and it's highly customizable but it's not fast enough for me. Opening the application takes quite a while. Anybody know a good, fast SMS app? Also, I really would appreciate it if the app supports emoji since my girlfriend loves to send me emojis. :D
Yeah youre right that its horribly slow like the rest of the Go apps. Doesnt it have a setting to keep it in ram and make it faster though?
I dont txt as much as i used to (married lol) so its the best sms app for me because of the customisation (although they put an ad in my notification bar today and thats just a no-no grr)
I suppose a lighter app will lose customisations man. Good luck :beer:
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