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Root Need a good xml editor

I use a command line tool called apktool. It decompiles it(rather than just extracting), then I make the changes in eclipse, and recompile it with apktool. Works like a charm.

ok,yeah i was just extracting everything. i have apktool already. ill use it to decompile,etc...brain fart. lol never occured to me i needed to decompile recompile.
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Yea you have to decompile to be able to read the xml.

Only time you really need to just extract an apk with 7zip or whatever you may use is when swapping images out. For any other reason you gotta decompile

Oh and Notepad++ is in my opinion the best editor. You can also use it when doing samli ;)

yeah ive used notepad+ for many uses other than xml. i knew it was capable,i just wasnt doing things in the right order. im hoping to edit my phone and conracts apks and redesign the layout onscreen entirely and also do some color matching etc....sounds like work to some. but to me its fun. as long as i dont brick lol. backup ppl rule of they day ;)
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