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Root Need a quick answer about Kitchen settings


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Mar 5, 2012
Spring Hill, Florida
I am giving Kitchen a try. Figured I would mess about with it and try and learn it.

My questions is regarding a setting:

Edify scripting. New scripting with update-binary, compatible with ClockworkMod 3.x (recomended)

* Or this:
Amend scripting. Old scripting, compatible with old recoveries. Use this if you having problem with flashing (no changes, error 0) or have not HTC Desire phone

Which one do I choose? It is on the File Upload page. I am guessing the 2nd choice since I am using the older CWM 2.3.7 or something.

Also, just to confirm, Admire is mdpi correct?

Thank you
Yea, I figured it out, thanks.

Tell you what, Kitchen is pretty damn cool. Now I have a new thing to play with. I am basically re-theming Monster 4 to my exact liking. It has taken a very black and blue direction. Looks very clean.

It just seems that no matter how much I like something I am still never happy. This is becoming an addiction.
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