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Need Advice. People sometimes fail to recieve a text I've sent.


Sep 11, 2011
As it says in the title, I need help regarding sending texts from my phone. I can be texting someone fine, then suddenly they just wont recieve a text from me. I have no idea they don't get the text, as it doesnt come up on my phone that there was any problem at all and texts sent after that arnt always affected and may send fine, I usually restart my phone and then resend the text which seems to work, however you can imagine how annoying this is as I never know if the person recieved the text or not or what texts are affected and which arnt.

I emailed 3 about the problem earlier tonight so still waiting for a reply from them but would appreciate any advice anyone can offer. Do you think its a network or phone problem?

Do you have delivery reports turned on? At least this might tell you that your texts haven't been delivered?

I've had issues with receiving and sending texts but these issues are very few and far between. I've had texts not delivered, delivered up to a month after sending and also received jumbled up texts made up of previous texts. But as I say these are few and far between, maybe once a month. I've always put this down to a network issue rather than the phone. I'm on t-mobile fwiw.
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