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Help Need an exorcist!


Dec 15, 2009
I have had my droid for less than a week. First day spent 5 hours at Verizon stor, 2nd day 7 hours....all this while they tried to get my godaddy email to work! THey never were able to transfer my contacts from my old treo to the droid. Now the first question: droid keeps calling its name in a deep loud voice....very scary expecially in the middle of the night. How can I dtop that and why is it doing it? Must I call an exorcist? :eek:
2nd how can I transfer my calender and contacts over from palm treo?
battery dies after less than 2 hours...I know this things is a battery hog but under 2 hours? perhaps due to all the time the "professionals" tried to get my email to work?
thanks! glad 2 b here. luv my droid, but hav steep learning curve ahead. any ideas on how i can shut the thing up. every so often it says "droid" in a deep scary, very loud voice....wakes me up at night; makes people run away from me....really! and stare at me like I need an exorcist....what can I do?
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