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Root Need boot.img, Recovery.img, System,img, etc.

If anybody here that has a at&t HTC One VX could back up their phone it would be appreciated. There really ain't much on this phone through google or anything else. I kind of ruined my phone and i need a backup r something to restore it to stock. Even if i can have instructions on how to back up a phone, and restore it on mine as i have a friend with the exact same phone.
Welcome to the AndroidForums, Replicators :).

Looks like things are just getting started here in the HTC One VX area.

I've moved your thread over to the all-things-root sub-forum for this device (although that sub-forum is currently missing it's "all-things-root" suffix -- I've asked our Admin folks to fix that, by the way).

Anyway, hopefully someone will be able to help you out with the images you need.

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