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Need Froyo on the Droid X now


Jul 26, 2010
Has anyone else noticed their Droid X slowing down since the day they got it? Maybe it's cuz of the extra apps I put on it but it's definitely a lot slower than it was when I first got it. For example there's a three sec lag when I click on my SMS message icon for it to open up and a five second lag when I try to exit out of a conversation back to my list of conversations. It's slow. It's not just slow with SMS but with other stuff too. Just little places where I notice it. Enough to start to bug me. It's got a 1ghz processor but it doesn't act like it. Hopefully froyo will make things faster.
What exactly have you put on the phone? These phones are essentially mini linux computers, and they're no different than your desktop in terms of making them sluggish. It's easy to make even the most powerful desktop computer slow to a crawl if you go crazy and install a lot of background tasks you don't need.
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