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Help Need help couple issues with G2X


May 1, 2011
Well I was a blackberry user for years then got fed up with all the problems I would have with a blackberrry... so I screw it and started using an unlocked 3GS Iphone for almost a year... not bad but slow cause was limited to using edge network with the unlocked Iphone with tmobile... soo waited a while and this LG came out so I did it and finally got my first android phone .. well I was scared when I saw all the problems people were having ... I was like great here we go ! ... I have had the phone a few weeks now and my problems consist of the phone rebooting itself out of nowhere also when I lock the phone and I go to unlock it the phone is off!! I have to take the case off then the batt cover on back of phone take batt out and put it back in then turn the phone back on and it will turn back on ... why do I do this ? Because the phone will not turn back on without doing this when I have the situation of the phone shutting down on itself ! ... seems as the more apps or pics or media are added to the phone the more slow it runs when it should not ! ... right now my battery temp is at 101.30 F .. granted the phone is almost full memory wise it should not be running like this !!! Did I make a mistake by getting this phone ?! ... any help would be greatly appreciated what can I do to solve these issues ... and is there an update for the software on this phone coming out anytime soon ??
I just got mine it was actually 2 G2x's because I got 1 for my lady too. The G2x that ended up becoming mine would constantly reboot. I had to get in contact with t mobile & get a replacement it was defective, maybe yours is too? My ladies phone doesn't reboot on its own & I haven't had this replacement long enough. Will keep you posted tho'
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