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Root Need help determining which build/kernel


Oct 29, 2010
I just ordered my Nook color and trying to get everything set up for when it arrives. I gone through the tutorials and I'm pretty straight on how to install it, but I still am having a little trouble figuring out which build to go with. I've read in several places that CM7 nightly 150 and 160 are very good and stable builds. I checked the website and 150 is not listed anymore and when I try to download 160 it says there is no file there. Should I just go with the most current nightly when I receive my Nook or is there a way to get either 150/160. Also, with those, which version kernel should I get for that. I do want the newer one for the faster booting and battery life but I want to be sure I am getting the right one for those versions.....also where to download said kernel.

Thanks for helping the newbie out!
I have a question about these "nightlies." So, day after day, you're updating a new build? I know it was said that it doesn't take long, but even five to ten minutes on a regular basis would seem like a drag. Is it just the tinkering that provides the thrill or there really overwhelming results that make these frequent updates worthwhile?

Of course, I could just be hating because I don't know how to do any of this stuff and I have no choice but to be content with the version I have. :D
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I get interested when the nightly changelog shows kernel changes or just a lot of "encore" (Nook Color) changes. From memory I think I installed #150, #155, #160, #165, #169, #171... (all good) so not every build, only ones that looked interesting and had good reviews. :D

Only one was bad for me (#172) and I restored my backup. If I'm in a hurry, I simply open Rom Manager, download the rom, choose gApps when prompted and check the "backup rom" and keep "Dalvik cache" checkbox checked. It's pretty easy (and a good time to leave the room so you don't second guess your choice). :D
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Ever read a computer for dummies book and try to figure out how to use the computer, minus the computer? Of course that's intimidating. :D

All you need is a few people to say, "wow, #165 is great." "Yeah, it's great." "Best rom ever."... or check the ratings in Rom Manager.

BTW, when a new stable build comes out, that's a good time to update. We're overdue for a stable release, but I think they want to tweak the kernel first.

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