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Root Need help flashing rom. (prefer CM7)

Could someone please help me out here. My phone (LG Optimus V. Version 2.2.2) is rooted using Ginger Break V1.20. That was the easy part. I have looked at so many "HOW TO" install (FLASH) custom rom listings and almost everyone is different for this phone. im nervous about doing some of them because they have u go into a linux based prgram and manually flash that way. REALLY dont want to brick my phone and i have heard that ROM MANAGER does not work for this phone and all of the "HOW TO'S" i have seen have u use this. If someone could post a link to one they know works or any help whatsoever would be most appriciated.
Go here: http://androidforums.com/optimus-v-...-how-simplified-root-recovery-custom-rom.html

This is a sticky that will walk you through it step by step. From installing your custom recovery, to CM7 and GApps to go with it. Do you have a particular CM7 that you want? There are a few different ports out there for CM7. Pick your ROM based on it's functionality to fit your needs, not just by looks. There are TONS of themes for CM7 that can change the looks. If you get stuck, or have any questions, post back in here, or send me a PM.
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to be honest i diddent know there were different versions of cm7. just seen it demonstrated on youtube and elsewhere on the internet and it geets really good ratings and reviews. yeah im a noob to rooting and roms sorry.

I was very partial to Bobzhome's CM7, very stable platform and very few issues. The thread that I quoted will walk you through installing your custom recovery img and backing everything up. The CM7 ROM in that thread was the first one that I flashed and I loved it. Now I'm stuck on ICS and have to flash a new ROM weekly....I'm an addict! When you get your CM7 running, check out digitalhouseoftreats.com. They have a ton of themes that you can install and they are all free.
The simplified root and recovery guide is very noob proof. I was rooted for months before getting the nerve up to wipe everything and start over with CM7. Just make sure that if you have any questions at all you ask before executing. It is pretty hard to brick the OV, in comparison to other phones, but not impossible. As long as you stay away from ROM manager (unless you know what you are doing), and you follow directions; you will be good.
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