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Need help Hero or Evo?

If $ is not your top priority, get the Evo. Even on 3G or with existing apps and services, it will outperform the Hero in every way. Can't imagine being happy in your position 12-18 months from now with the Hero over the Evo.

I don't think the $10 charge will be exclusive to Evo so though you might only be delaying that payment. I also think the Wimax and 3G networks are going to have some limitations that make any minor speed/performance differences somewhat moot for the next 12-24 months. There will be faster, more powerful devices but I'm not sure there will be ways to fully utilize more power. You can download a movie faster, but you can't watch it faster.

If Evo's not what you want though, wait until after it's released. You'll probably see some 2.1 updated Hero's for sale by people who bought Evos.

The money isnt and issue beyond spending it for no reason.
Just not sure if spending the extra with out the 4g is worth it.
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The Evo is definitely superior to the hero in basically every way. However, I do realize that phones like the Evo aren't for everyone. 4.3 inches is a lot of screen. I just signed up for Sprint a couple days ago at Best Buy and got the hero for $30 (Yes, $30!) but pre-ordered the Evo at the same time. I made sure it wouldn't be an issue for me to just get the Hero and use it as a temporary phone then return it for the Evo on June 4. The Hero is enough phone for some people, myself not included. It's a bit too laggy. It reset on me today when I was going into typing a text message and then turning up the volume. Guess I was asking too much of it, lol.
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