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Help Need help - Root + Up Rom for Lambo 88 Tauri phone


Jun 25, 2021
Hello Friends, need your advice if i can look for any links or website can upgrade my phone from Android 4.4.4 to higher version. Much appreaciate.

Screenshot_2021-06-23-08-32-03 (1).png
well you might be able to root it, but you will not be able to upgrade your phone as there is no development for your phone. if you want to root a phone pick one that has a solid development community behind it. head on over to https://www.xda-developers.com/its a development forum where devs hangout and post their goodies like custom roms. if there is no forum for your phone, then there is no dev community behind it. just keep in mind that custom roms are device specific.

i would just get a new phone that has a more updated software then to try and root a phone that is not supported by devs.

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