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Root Need help w/ installing Voodoo


Apr 19, 2010
Obviously, I am a noob here, so any help I get will be much appreciated. I just rooted yesterday using the one click method in the root tutorials at the top of this forum. I did that fine. However, after that, I am having troubles. Some of the guides that I am finding are confusing, and even if I find a good guide, it has dead links. I did, however, find a link to this:

Updated Voodoo5 Kernels for Fascinate, Mesmerize, and Showcase! Now with Voodoo Sound - Page 26 - xda-developers

Which the last post has a good link to the new Voodoo kernel for 2.1. I downloaded that file, as well as ROM Manager from the market (and downloaded CRM within ROM Manager). I boot to the triangle screen, but it fails every time I try to do the sdcard:update.zip option. I have tried leaving the name of the zip file I got from the forum above, tried renaming it to update, and update.zip, and I get nothing. I have tried placing the files in the root, download folder, and sdcard folder. Nothing. What am I doing wrong?

It might be worth it to not that my root of my sdcard already had an update.zip file, even before I loaded the Voodoo kernel on there.


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