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Need help with memory on Samsung J3


Oct 23, 2022
Hello, I have a Samsung j3 and can't use it for anything, no apps will work and I can't receive texts, it has no memory left.I deleted all the apps except VPN and have 4 pictures and no files or downloads.I am at a loss on what to do, I can't reimage because of the fact that I use Duck Duck go and can't transfer the bookmarks.
Can anyone help?
Thank you.
I agree with @Dannydet Your Galaxy j3 is a low-end model with a limited amount of RAM and limited amount of internal storage. It's a phone model that only has a enough system resources to be used for only basic tasks at most. Either set your expectations lower to match the capabilities of your phone, or buy a newer, better phone that is more adequate. Do you have the 2016 or the 2018 variant?



If you are going to keep trying to force this phone to work like a more capable model, just keep in mind that you're going to waste time doing so on a frequent basis. There are several new models in the below $300 range that have better hardware specs. Phones that you can just use as is every day and not spend time cleaning up trivial amounts of storage space every day or days to just get by.
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