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Root need help


Dec 15, 2010
I am new so I hope I'm asking for help in the right place. So I rooted my evo with unrevoked went fine. Then I had to unroot my phone to take it to Sprint. I unrooted by the unrevoked s on tool then flashed the pc36img. I was unrooted and was able to. Take my phone in. So here is were I need help I tried to reroot with unrevoked it worked and I got my super user but I still had s on not s off witch means it did not unlock nand. What should I do please help. Thanks happy holidays.
That's been happening lately. There are a whole bunch of threads in the root section about this problem. Did you get an error during the process? Assuming you at least got soft root and clockwork recovery, go to the unrevoked website, and download unrevoked forever. Put that on the root of your sdcard, and flash it from recovery. That will give you s-off.
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