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Accessories Need Replacement Micro SD card for Droid

The maximum is a 32GB card. I have one BUT:

If you're rooted & ROMmed, be advised that ClockworkMod chokes on that much memory and will only make a backup 1 out of 3 tries. Making a backup in ROM Manager is pretty much out of the question. But as far as apps and music/movie playback, a SanDisk 32GB works just fine.
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Why do you need to replace your card?
I've had trouble with my D2 for quite some time -- and by the time I went through the basic trouble shooting (reset to factory, replace phone with certified like-new, format card) to determine it is a bad SD card, now VZ tells me it was only under a 30 day warranty. So I was too patient.

My symptoms: taking a long time (like 10 minutes) to connect via USB cable to PC, camera won't open, photos taken; then disappear, music "not recognized format". Now it wouldn't connect to PC at all, just cycling through "preparing SD card". Mine was brand new out of the box in November.

I've just downloaded and ran sdrescan. I'll see if that can resolve.
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