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Root Need some .apk's please!


Oct 27, 2009
I incidentally deleted some files rather than just freezing or moving them, so I am requesting someone to copy and upload some stock Droid3 .apk files for me if possible. Here's all the files I need (I think) and if someone wants to post a link or email them let me know and I'll give you my email address.

Thanks in advance for any help. Please help.

VCast Media Manager
VCast Music
VCast Tones
VCast Videos
City ID
NFL Mobile
Guided tour
Amazon Kindle

I think that's all I've removed so far.


*edit* this was supposed to go in the root subforum. move it if you like, mods. sorry.
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All the APKs listed except for DLNA.. I didn't touch that one.

Plus Yahoo and Myspace

Why don't you just freeze things or rename the extension to .bak? It keeps them in place, we have TONS of app storage, but doesn't let them run. I feel like you sometimes act too impulsively and take things too far, to the point you can't fix things.
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I wanted the memory space on my phone. I dont care about seeing the apps in my list because i can hide them.... but i needed the memory since moving stuff to the Media Area is a problem when Google does updates.

Just as an FYI, any "bloatware" is stored in a different area from where apps that you install from the market. They are pre-stored in a partition on the phone called /system, while user apps that you install from the Play Store (or the Amazon App Store, or ones that you "sideload") are in /data.

It is true that if you install updates from the market to "bloatware", they will install in /data, and if you run the apps, the data for them is stored in /data. However, if you never run or update preinstalled apps, they do not take up any space from the area where you store user apps and data.

In short, deleting pre-installed apps just to get more space for your third party apps was not doing what you thought it was doing.
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