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Root need some help on tts


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Jan 18, 2010
Miamisburg, ohio
Well if you are like me you hate using the navigation on the phone because of the stupid robotic voice. So I did some searching and found svox English voice. Sounds soo much better I love it. My problem after the install I tried it out and it will switch back in forth between the 2 voices.

This is where I need the help. I had to install talk to speech extended and I think the original talk to speech is affecting it. I am running XtrRom 5.0, and it already had the talk to speech installed. I have never removed programs from my phone other than apps. I do have root explorer just can't find the right file to get rid of. Thanks for the help.
First of all, make sure you do a nandroid before you attempt to remove anything in the system/app folder. I did a quick look at my phone (running Tazz Gingerbread) and it looks like TtsService.apk is the file you want to delete. I can't say if it is safe to delete or not, so like I said make a nandroid. I don't know if tts uses anything else that would need to be removed as well. Good luck, and if you figure it out post it here so we know.
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Ok sorry I haven't posted what I found. I do know that 2.2 my new navigation voice works, on 2.1 I have the robot chick. I did remove ttsservice.apk, and ttsservice.odex. Now I found out that the odex file you want to keep. lol I still had a nand backup so I just restored and all is good, just need to remove the apk and see if that works.
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