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Need to access photos on locked Rugby Pro LTE


Dec 20, 2020
Hi everyone.

After moving to a new house I have found my old Rugby LTE. I do not remember the PIN code and while it does ask me for my Gmail username and password it is not working. I assume it is because the phone has not been connected to the net/wifi for many years.

Is there any way I can root/access the device to get those old photos back? There are some old ones I would really like to get my hands on.

Any help is appreciated!
I have the proper credentials for the gmail account. Is there some way I could update thé phone so it would have the current gmail password?
unfortunately there is not much you can do unless there is a forget password function on the phone......which in most phones there isn't, especially when it comes to pins as the lockscreen security. the only way to unlock the phone is to do a hard rest. but you will trip frp (factory reset protection). as long as your google acct info is good then you should be fine. unless you used a different google account initially on the phone and never changed it.....then you will most likely need the original google acct info.

regardless your data is gone..........sorry
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