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Help Need Verizon Stock Image


Android Expert
Jan 12, 2010
Winston-Salem, NC
For reasons that I won't bother going into, I would like to use Odin to completely replace my stock image on my phone with a new one. I don't want to root, I just want to replace the stock 4.3 image with the same. My problem is, I can't find an "official" stock Verizon 4.3 image. Can anybody help me out? I have found several that are "rooted" or designed to maintain root, but I just want the one that is exactly what I have on my phone.

Latest stock Verizon, SCH-i549, firmware for the S4 that I could find is VRUEMJ7, here.

Like the AT&T version, it seems that the latest stock firmware releases for both carriers is no longer available from the usual download sites. Very awkward for anyone who needs to flash a stock firmware via Odin.

So I take it that this is only flashable through the Recovery menu?
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