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Root needed- install-recovery.sh or install-recovery.sh.bak from a Z4 device


Android Expert
Mar 28, 2011
Sietch Tabr
I am getting ready to send my Elite back to VMU and I would like to remove CWM first. I don't seem to have install-recovery.sh in my nandroid for some reason. If anyone has a stock rooted Z4 device can you please look in /system/etc/ for the file? Or if you have a stock nandroid with the file (even the .bak) I will take that.
how do you tell if your device is Z4 or not?
Settings -> About Phone -> Scroll down to baseband version: VM696ZV#-blahbity-blahbity. (Also Build Number and Software version should also say ZV4 or 5)

If you got an Elite and then got the OTA update from VMU you had a ZV4 device that is now ZV5 but should still have the install-recovery.sh unless you've flashed a custom ROM.
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It did not work for me. Once I restored the file and rebooted the CWM recovery stayed.

It's only a theory, but I'm assuming someone could copy /dev/block/mmcblk0p14 (partition 14) via the terminal/ADB, and you could format the partition and copy over/overwrite the recovery partition's data with what was copied from a ZV4 or ZV5 firmware device prior to them installing CWM.
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