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New android user

Actually, my Nexus S won't be here for a couple of days.

I found these forums by researching extended batteries. Looks like it's somewhat limited at the moment.

It was tough for me deciding between the HTC EVO and the Nexus S. I finally went with the Nexus S. I don't think I would have been disappointed with either phone.

The phone I am replacing is an iPhone 3G. Not the "S" model. I got the iPhone 35 days before the 3GS came out so... yeah.

I would like to add that Linux is nothing new to me. I started using Slackware back around 1996.

I own my own company and work as a controls engineer. My wife and I have 3 motorcycles and I regularly do track days. A month ago I broke my clavicle in 4 places in a crash on the track. So now I have to fix my CBR954. I still have my VFR that I can ride and the wife has a Ninja 500 that she is learning on.


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