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Help New AT&T S4 Notification: Dev Mgmt - Downloading software update - Please do not Leave WiFi area


Android Expert
Jan 7, 2012
I have a one-day old AT&T Galaxy S4 (SGH-i337)
Android Version is 4.2.2. per settings

Within a few hours after purchase (with wifi connected), I got the notification:
"Device Management. Downloading software update, Please do not leave wifi coverage area"

I have stayed in wifi coverage area of the house. However internet drops briefly every few hours due to some problem with our router or service.

Now 16 hours have passed since the notification appeared, and the notification is still there. It doesn't clear. I see no indication of progress. Other phone functions including internet on wifi work fine (with exception of brief periods mentioned above). I have not rebooted (afraid that might screw something up during update even though it doesn't seem to be doing anything).

Is it updating to 4.3? (I have no idea since the only thing it tells me is what I quoted above).

Can anyone explain to me WTF is going on and what I should do about it? :what:
Thanks in advance.


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