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Help New Bug with update 2.3.3?

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I think this is normal behavior. When you mount the sdcard to PC, phone loses access to "/sdcard/.secure" folder, which holds the applications installed on sdcard and can't run them anymore, so it's useless to show it in menu. As long as it renews the applications and icons when you disconnect then phone from PC it's OK. If you don't get the list then, try to eject the sdcard in Settings, Storage menu and insert it again.
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hey everyone,
so i updated my droid x a little bit ago wiht the 2.3.3

i found that if i plug my phone into my computer for USB mass storage to access my SD card, it removes ALL the icons of the apps that are installed on my sd card, anyone else having this issue?

You lose all access to your card when doing this. It is busy. You won't even have your ringtones active. You'll get some annoying ring instead. But it will all be back to normal once you disconnect.
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