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New Email

I assume you're talking about a Gmail account. Have you tried using filters?

Gmail does a reasonable job of automatic spam filtering that you can add to by simply clicking the "report spam" - long press to select a message, choose "report spam" from the menu.

But Gmail also has very powerful user filters to do pretty much anything you want, including deleting unwanted mail before it even appears in the inbox, but as far as I know you can't create a filter from your phone (although it will of course work on the phone once created).

You can create a filter easily if you open Gmail in a browser (on a PC of some sort) and select the message(s) you want to filter then choose "Filter messages like these" from the "More" dropdown and follow the steps needed.

You can also click on the settings icon ("gear wheel") top right and choose "settings" which takes you to the main settings pages. Choose "Fiters" and you can create a new one or do various things with any existing filters.

I rarely see spam these days, no need to create new accounts - I just needed to learn how to make use of the facilities provided to keep the inbox clean :)
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