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Help "New Emergency Alerts" Keeps Vanishing


Mar 19, 2021
Okay, I can't get a screenshot of this because:
1) That stupid "hold down volume button and power button" to capture screenshot only manifests prompt about powering down device, and
2) if I swipe down from top to select Screenshot function, what I want to take a screenshot of is GONE.

Here's the "sitch:" I'm looking at the phone. The screen is dark. I tap the power button to light up the screen, and a few notices are there "demanding" attention by their very presence. The bottom notification is "New Emergency Alerts." Okay, fine: I tap on it. The Unlock Screen bullcrap comes on (when it doesn't, just the Home screen is revealed), I enter the PIN to unlock, and the Home screen is revealed...nothing about any supposedly new emergency alerts. I can't find an Emergency Alerts anywhere.

Now, there are only twenty-six icons between my two screens, but when I go to Settings> search "Apps" there's this item that says sixty-six apps are installed, and when I click on that with my fingertip, a list of all installed apps appears. I scroll down to find "Emergency Alerts" to be an installed app. When I click on it, there isn't a damned thing I can do to make that app's icon appear on a screen, nor is there anything that allows me to actually open that app.

If I try to download an app whose icon will appear on a screen, there's always the caveat, "if you install this, you may not receive other local alerts or alerts managed by (blah-blah-blah)," so that idea's a no-go...plus, they're for, like, Canada or other weird non-local crap.

Since I can't make the Emergency Alerts icon appear on a screen, and I can't open the damned invisible thing, I can't manage it, change any setting that might alter it's behavior in such a fashion that I could actually use it. Then there's the question of the other thirty-nine invisible and non-manageable apps that I can't do anything with including deleting the ones that I deem utterly useless, which is, by definition, all of them, so those literally useless apps are occupying space in my operating system that could be better used by something else, something that I can actually manage and/or interact with.
@ ocnbrze: I am unfamiliar with any "notification bar." Might as well ask me to describe a framjoozle, and the app is "invisible," non-interactive, no way to dictate its behavior. Even tapping on a notification is useless, will not allow you to either read more information, or to get the alert to repeat, in case you missed something. Pretty goddamned stupid app, of you ask me, considering its nature. The app isn't even consistent about its audible alarms. I'd like to just get rid of the damned thing, but it defies management.

You can't even disable the damned thing...it's like Herpes, an unwelcome companion for life. The only things you can do are to Force Stop, which it doesn't like, and disable drawing over other apps.
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