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new google maps 3.2.1?


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Oct 21, 2009
My wife and I both have the Droid and today when we turn on our phones she has an update notification for Google Maps and I do not. It upgraded her to version 3.2.1 while mine remained at the factory installed 3.2.0. Did anyone else get this upgrade notification? My phone hasn't given me anything on it and I'm wondering what the difference is between the two revs.
Yes, this worked for me too, going to downloads, it shows the update.

The apps probably have a timer interval where they check for updates...or the market app does the checking on an interval. For some reason, her interval came up and yours hasn't yet.

But going to downloads in the market app triggered the check and it shows me the update now, where it wasn't before.

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The new version is 3.2.1. I think the size was around 2.5MB.

Didn't notice any difference between the new version and the previous version on my Droid.

The main point of the update is to bring Navigation to all Android devices at 1.6 and higher. My brother w/ his G1 is stoked after seeing Nav on my Droid over Thanksgiving.
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