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Help New Google Maps update...180 off...again


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Jun 17, 2010
Ok, I've searched and haven't seen this issue..yet -

I remember before the OTA GB hit and I was on a GB leak Maps had the notorious 180 degree off. While moving the direction was correct but standing still the direction was completely off, basically backwards or off in some matter.

I'm on a GB frame MIUI at the moment, no problems with Maps until the last update and the problems back. I've tried to "calibrate" my compass like before when I had this problem but no go - anyone else have this issue? Again I don't think its the ROM, nothing changed except the updated "google maps", update. I'm about to move on up to the newest MIUI and see if that might fix it but I don't see why it would - same frame.

Thanks in advance - in the mean time I'll be moving forwardly backwards
I just went out and tried mine and it seems to be fine, Maps version 5.11.0.

Thanks for the reply - yeah, I've reverted to some older MAPS versions just to check it out but no such luck, updated to the newest since I've ruled that out. It has to do something about GB, the kernel version or something in the build. I posted a question on the newest update for MIUI hoping someone else would chime in - I've also found some others on XDA that currently have the same issue, when searched the same issue pops up but older pre .602 GB builds being affected, some with work-arounds and some with no resolution, even possibly a app related issue which I'm trying to rule out right now - but thanks for checking, hopefully someone else may unfortunately have the same issue and know how to fix it. Again thanks!

Anyone else? TIA
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