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New here...current omnia owner considering an Eris


Mar 7, 2010
Hi all,

I'm new here and wanted to get some more info on the droid eris. I currently have an omnia and so far it has been great. However, I have been intrigued by the eris as of late and was hoping to get some more opinions, particularly from previous omnia owners. Pros/Cons, what you like better, what you miss, was it worth the switch, etc? Any comments appreciated. In the meantime, I'll be browsing the forums.

Oh yeah, I also just wanted to say hi :)

I've never owned an Omnia, but I've had 4 difference WinMo phones and I though I would be loyal til the end, but after having the Eris for almost a week, I've got to say that I like it more and more everyday. It is a great phone, even better with 2.1 and though we dont have root yet, I would still recommend this phone to anyone switching over from WinMo. There isn't much you can't do with this phone, it's a lot of fun.
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I didn't have an Omnia and this was my first smartphone, so it may be a different approach.

The phone is really capable, but the current Android 1.5 is really a nuisance. If some people didn't notice it before, they definitely saw some things only after they upgraded to 2.1 (unofficially) with the leak.

If price isn't an issue, I would say wait for the Nexus One to come VZW, which seems to be soon. By the end of April, at the latest, since a rumored March 23rd date was released but then a report of a delay may have pushed it back a bit.

The N1 is the most powerful and capable Android phone you can buy, even when the Incredible comes to VZW. The Incredible will have the new Sense, but if you can live without a custom UI (like me) and use Home, you will enjoy the N1 the most. It has already been rooted (the Android version of the iPhone's jailbreak) whereas the Eris has not. The Droid has been rooted as well. Obviously the Incredible isn't out yet, but no one knows how long it will take to root that. If it's anything like the Eris, it will be a biznitch and may never happen.

But, if money is an issue or you just really like the Eris, it seems to be redeeming itself with this 2.1 leak making a lot of things smoother. I don't see any lag and it looks a lot cleaner and more crisp, but it still has a ways to go. Upgrading to 2.1 seems to be stable, but it does bring on a few small problems that you can read about in the Bugs and Fixed thread we have here, and decide if it's worth it for you. It seems as if the majority of the members of the Eris section (active members, at least) have taken the plunge and enjoy it. For some, the novelty has worn off, and a few are wishing they hadn't done it, but again, go through the 2.1 thread we have stickied and read responses. Ask questions if you have them, but only if they haven't been answered in the thread. You'll figure it out soon enough. ;)
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I would wait until this summer for some more phones and getting one on it's release date, as the hardware to the Eris is slightly outdated. Newer phones are bound to come very soon.

The Eris truly rocks though, and I have had it since day 1. It's been amazing. HTC is really the best phone company and Sense makes having a phone so sexy.

Could be a little faster though even with 2.1, (haven't put swype on 2.1 leak yet) and texting a little bit more friendly for first-time users in general, but after you get used to it, it's pretty good, and best bang for your buck at the 3.2 screen size on the market at the moment (obv better than sprint hero hahahaha)
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I came from an omnia. It was a good phone and the rom community was great. The eris is hands down a better phone than the omnia. But I would say wait a little bit for the nexus one or the incredible on verizon. The eris processor is still lacking so if you are waiting to upgrade and can hold out I would I would say skip it. I am not bashing the eris as I have one and really enjoy it just went through 3 omnias before verizon let me replace it with the eris.
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I had an Omnia and I put a new ROM on there every other day. I thought that phone was great but then I picked up the Eris. Man I was just amazed at how awesome this phone was compared to the Omnia. Like the others above, maybe I would hold out for a faster phone but the Eris is a great bargain for the phone you get. With the new 2.1 update, the value of the phone just went up even more.
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