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New Here.....


Nov 1, 2010
Greetings all!

I currently have an iPhone 3G but am seriously considering getting an Evo. My only concerns are the poor reputation of Sprint's service and the roll out of 4G to my locale (Morris County, NJ about 30 miles west of NYC).

Will still most likely make the switch.

Look forward to reading up on things!
Hi and welcome to the forums. You came to the right place!!! Many iphone 3g users came to evo, such as my self. Let me tell you one thing. Sprint is way better than AT&T, many others share that same opionion. I am saving well over 50 dollars a month since i made the switch. 4G speeds are great, at least in my area. Look foward to seeing you around. Read up on the Evo in the Evo section of the forums.
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