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Help New Hotmail Password Nor Accepted

Hi...My Hotmail account was hacked into so the Hotmail mob required I re-open the account with a new password. This works fine on my PC but my phone won't accept it. Says "Error: Authentication failed. Please verify username and password". I have been trying for 2 days now. It was suggested somewhere to clear the Mail data and start again but the 'clear data' button is inoperable (shaded out). I have tried to use the manual setup and also tried 'm.hotmail.com' as the server address as opposed to 'hotmail.com'. I presume my username is the info before the @ of the email address so I have entered this correctly...so, I am stumped!!! Does anyone have the answer to this problem?? Thanks. Belinda
Hi Belinda,

Not too sure if you found the solution for your problem yet but here are the Hotmail settings

Incoming POP3 Mail ServerSetting :
User Name : user@hotmail.com
Password : your email password
Incoming Mail Server : pop3.live.com
Mail Box Name : Hotmail POP3
Mail Box Type : POP3
Security (Port) : SSL
Port : 995

Outgoing POP3 Mail Server Setting :
Always use authentication
Email Address : user@hotmail.com
User Name : user@hotmail.com
Password : your email password
Outgoing Mail Server : smtp.live.com
Security (Port) : TLS
Port : 587
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Hi dragon84...thanks for that and sorry for the delayed response; I have put in all the correct incoming info...the outgoing cannot be accessed. I realised I had an Outlook account linked to Hotmail so I changed the password to correspond with the new Hotmail password and still I cannot get it to work on my phone...this is totally baffling and still not resolved. Any other suggestions? Thanks. Belinda :)
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