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New in Android


Oct 31, 2010
Hi! I am a noob in android as well as in programming(I came from a medical background), but I am willing to learn all of them. I own an iPhone, but I believe that Android will be the future, and I am planning to get one soon.

Hopefully I am still welcome in here :)
Hi !

I'm new as well- after 3 long years with an iphone (which was the first smart phone I've owned) I plan to get an android very soon- probably the HTC Desire Z.

I wasn't planing on rooting it (which I understand is something like jailbreaking in iphone, right?) but now that I hear that on the DHD there are all kind of pre-installed apps that are power hungry I'm guessing I'll have to.

since I have no background in programing and such (used the "dummy" version of jailbreak- install this, press this for 5 seconds, now let go...these kinda things...), I was wondering if messing with the android can be that simple.

There seems to be really professional people in this forum, so I guess I'll have a lot more questions once I'll actually get the phone!
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