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New Mail Notification, But Accts Set For Manual


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Nov 28, 2009
Lynn Haven, FL
How do I prevent the phone from showing me a "XX unread conversations" notificaion message? (The one at the top with the @ symbol) I have all 3 e-mail accounts set for manual refresh, but even when I get that message and then refresh my accounts, there are no new messages. It happens so often that it's annoying the snot out of me, especially since the music player insists on stopping while the notification arrives, and then starting back up again.

Sorry if this was posted elsewhere, but I couldn't find an answer. Oh, and I'm only checking e-mail on the phone, so it's not being read on the computer and the phone just not realizing it.
OK, I tried that, lets see if that is what I was looking for. Thanks for the quick reply :)

Ohhhhh, wait, I think I just figured it out ::lightbulb goes off:: So I have the Google account I entered when I set up my phone (that got my contacts / calendar onto the phone), and then I have to add each e-mail address (2 Gmail, 1 AOL) into the e-mail app. The Data Sync is for the account I used to set up the phone, and has nothing to do with the settings in the e-mail app, right?

Hee hee, I R Smrt.
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