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New member with M8 Harman Kardon


Oct 13, 2014
Greetings. New guy here--bought an HTC One M8 Harman Kardon. Well, actually free with 2 year contract. I got tired of Boost and Virgin Mobile screwing me around so I went back to Sprint :)

Not a whole lot of threads here that I could find about this phone. I should get it in a few days, I hope it is awesome. Compared to the crap ZTE I have now I am sure it will be great.

Nice to meet you all. :)
Hi Destrothyself and welcome to Android Forums. Congrats on the new M8. It's a great phone and I think you'll love it. I'm moving your thread into the M8 discussion area. Your new phone is basically the standard M8 hardware wise... with an upgrade case etc.
Software is a bit different with the Harmon Kardon sound enhancer but you'll enjoy the M8 community. A great group of members that love their phones. Have fun and thanks for joining.
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