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new to android

hi there! just got my first android on a huawei 860. It's fun! i need help too... i can't find where the notification's bar is. i m trying to have my sd card "mounted" Thanks a lot!

Welcome to the Android Forums! On many Android phones you pull down the notification bar from
the status bar on the top of the home screen.
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I am a newbie, and want to know how to communicate properly in the forums etc, I did post a question in a tread and someone Mr. Ed answered, and when I tried to reply a message come up saying I was not registered and I know I did log on, where do I get some instruction's on how to communicate, thank you:rolleyes:

I assume that this is the thread you are speaking of...


When you log into the forum, remember to check the "Remember" button otherwise your login will time out after a while. This might be a contributing factor to your issue.

Under normal circumstances, when you want to reply to a thread that you're currently reading, simply type your message in the quick reply box (if you don't need smilies, fonts, or non-standard formatting. You can also click the "New Reply button at the bottom of a thread... or, if you want to quote something that a previous poster said, click the quote button at the end of the other members post.
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