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New to atrix!! Some questions to ask!!

Hi, my new atrix is under way by mail and I am a little scared about some things..

I had an iPhone 3Gs, used to jailbreak and unlock the SIM limitations,
also with friends with their iPhone's 4 and so and so...

I used to get a lot of experience even that I never knew anything form the begging, just the tutorial on youtube and some articles, I always read before taking action... precaution you know.

The thing is, now I changed to Android and don't know a single thing about anything! I don't know if it is as simple as the iPhones to restore to factory setting if one makes a mistake. I don't know if I have to root first to unlock the SIM limitation. I don't know what gingerbread is, I don't know anything! I tried looking several time in google and youtube and none of these had solved my doubts.

I already have my tools and watched several youtube videos and tutorials for unlocking and root my device.. but I am not 100% if it is going to really work, or if I have a break can it be fixed with a restore just like iPhone's could.

I would really apreciatte some help from you guys really!
Have some of you unlocked your device??? Did you had problems? Issues? Breaks? Does it matter the Android version it has installed?? Does it matter if it has gingerbread????

Thanks guys!!!
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