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Root new to root- had to factory rest- stuck on welcome

The first thing you should do is restore any backup you have in your Clockwork or SP Recovery. If you don't have a backup then you will likely want to use recovery to factory reset, wipe data and cache, and then install a new ROM from scratch.

not sure how to restore a recovery.
i don't even get to that screen i can only get to the screen where i press x and power.

i get choices i can navigate to using the volume and camera keys.
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That is the recovery screen. If you're rooted you should have a custom recovery (Either Clockwork or SPRecovery) on your phone. You can use that to restore any backups you've made. If you do not have a custom recovery installed for any reason you will msot likely have to use ADB to flash one. If you had not made any backups in recovery then you will need to download a ROM, put it on your SD Card and use the recovery to install the ZIP file.
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