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Root New to rooting looking for some help


Oct 31, 2010
I rooted my ally two nights ago based on a video on youtube. everything went perfectly however I don't like velocity and don't know how to go about removing it from my phone to get back to the default android platform. I have been hearing chatter on the web about raptor being the new rom for the ally? is it good? any tips/pointers will help and any other roms that I don't know about please make them known I'm willing to experiment.


If I reset my phone to default settings like a factory reset will it brick it? or will it just not work?

I know you've moved on past this question, but the answer is it will simply wipe /data partition (something you should have done when installing anyway). This will reset to unmodified Velocity (assuming you haven't twiddled with system files), not really "factory" reset.
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Honestly I believe that Velocity and Raptor are almost too close to call as far as reliability. I dont understand why Velocity would be runnin slow on your phone. I know for sure if you OverClock it... man it flys. Maybe experiment with that a little bit.

As far as going stock... Dont be afraid to brick the phone. Just do a Back up with Velocity or Raptor on it and hold on to it. Now goto the Stock Rom Info that was provided above by someone elses post.

So if you mess up you can always go back to a nandroid.

In reality with Drellisdees Recovery its pretty hard to brick this phone.

Also ally RR can bring most any phone back from the dead.

Good luck my friend.
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Thanks for all the feedback everyone Running raptor now on my phone and it works great love the black and green theme looks awesome and its overclocked to 768 constantly never kernel panics i had it at 787mhz and it got really hot so it turned it back down to 600 and let it cool off and then brought it back up to 768 slowly stopping at 728 and again at 748 its working great I didn't really like velocity's theme as it was anyway. ill keep the thread updated if anything changes!
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