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Help new update stuck at downloading


Oct 11, 2010
My droid bionic is stuck in the download phase.

First it showed downloading in my task bar at 0%, with a waiting for wifi/peak hours message.

I restarted the phone when I got home on wifi and now there is no download status but when I go to system update in my settings it says it's downloading. Been stuck like this for a couple hours. I don't want to clear my phone. Any other suggestions?

I am tired but I believe I'm 100% stock.
Thanks for your help PowerBomb.

I believe so. I am rooted but didn't make the mistake of deleting any bloatware (previous lesson learned).

From previous experience if it was a stock problem, it would download fine but would fail on update.

I should mention that I've been switching back and forth between the bionic and galaxy nexus.
Series of events:
1. I moved my sim to the bionic today to get the update; download stayed at 0% with a "Held for wifi/nonpeak hours" message.
2. I then moved the sim back to my nexus and turned on wifi tethering.
3. With the sim card removed I powered up the bionic to get the update but then received the "Download suspended, will resume shortly" message.
4. Power cycled the bionic a few times with same result.
5. A few hours later, no download status in notification pull down but settings "check for update" showed "Download in progress"
6 A few hours later, download status is back in notification pull down with "Download suspended, will resume shortly" message.
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Okay I just wanted to ask because if the phone is modified or if some of the preloaded apps are missing the update will fail, although I don't know if it would cause the download to fail or just the installation.

What version is your phone software now? 893? (Check this in the "About phone" menu). And you're trying to get the new OTA update 902?

Many people chose to download the update and flash it separately instead of actually doing it through the phone. If you're familiar with how to do that I suppose you could do that instead of figuring out why your download is getting stuck. You'd have to flash the zip from stock recovery.

Bionic 5.9.902 Update Is Out - RootzWiki - Page 6

I know this doesn't really answer why your download is stuck, but would at least provide an alternative way to go about it. Maybe someone else knows more about why the download won't work. I just accepted the update myself last night and my Bionic downloaded it in about a minute and had no problems.
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