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New Wildfire user


Aug 9, 2010
History: 1g itouch, Nokia, 2g iphone and Nokia Music Express & other nokia's for both work & personal. I have just been given a Wildfire & put in my simcard on O2 as pay as you go.

Ok, first off with gps, wifi on and listening to music the battery is murdered in 2 to 3 hours. As I do a lot of mountain biking this means that the phone is permanently charging when not in use. Not good. (but then again so is my Nokia music express)

Being in the UK, BBC websites and iplayer is for reading only! This is useless when I want to watch anything. My gf and I always watch Top gear from bed on my iphone before sleeping. Since this phone is a replacement for my iphone I was hoping not to lose any simple features.:mad:

I also intend to get a car cradle (it's gonna need charging lol) for the thing so I need to spend some more


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