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Newbie questions...

Let me preface with saying thanks to folks who answer these questions quickly. I hope to become one who helps other in the future (once I get the hang of this phone).


1. Is there a way to prevent the preinstalled HTC apps from launching when you are using replacement apps like Handcent? Everytime a txt comes in I get two notifications and see that suddenly both programs are running (obviously draining twice as much battery). I'd like to "make a default" SMS program and not have both running. (This happens with email too - I have set up my gmail to pull 2 Pop3 accts - so when I get an email on one of them the HTC email program notifies me and so does gmail).

2. Email apps - am I assuming correctly that only gmail pushes and other programs I must manually hit refresh?

3. The HTC email app - is there a way to have more than one Pop3 acct enter into the same mailbox instead of having to switch between both? (And this one doesn't seem to push/or check email frequently).

4. Any suggestions for a different/larger keyboard - I'm the opposite of carnie folks - I have large hands and am finding texting difficult.

Again, thanks.
1. Did you go into the HTC Messages program and set it to NOT Auto Retrieve messages? That should prevent it from checking for new messages. Then if you open up People and select someone to text, it should give you the option of which texting program you want to use. Check "Make default" and select Handcent.

2. Gmail pushes to the gmail app. The Mail app can be set to check for mail every 5/10/15/30/etc minutes. That's if you're using POP/IMAP. If you use Exchange, that can be set to push as well, but that depends on your mail server whether or not you have Exchange.

Set it by going to Menu -> More -> Settings -> Send & Receive -> Set download frequency.

3. You just have to switch between mail accounts when you're in the Mail app. An easy way to open directly to the right account when you receive mail is to pull down the notification bar and click on the new mail there. That'll open up to the account that has the new mail right away.

4. I don't know.
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