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Help Nexus 5 will not connect to WiFi


Jan 17, 2016
My Nexus 5 (6.0.1) will not connect nor see the SSID of a specific WiFi router. This just started about 20 hours ago, and would connect just fine prior.

- Router/Modem is TP-Link TD-W8961N
- Turned WiFi off/on multiple times, both phone and router
- Rebooted both phone and router
- My computer and iPad see and connect just fine
- The phone sees and can connect to other SSIDs
- Tried manually adding the SSID and password
- Connected (via computer) to the router settings page... pretty sure there is no MAC filtering
-- It's in Turkish, can't find where to change to English.

Please help!
Welcome to our AndroidForums, @scul86

Hmm, it sounds/looks like you've tried all of the obvious stuff...:(

Have you done the Settings -> Wi-Fi -> long-press the network/router in question and select "Forget network" and then try to re-connect? (that's about the only thing I don't see listed above)

Also, can you connect to/through that router via another device?

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Settings -> Wi-Fi -> long-press the network/router in question and select "Forget network"
Problem is, I cannot see the network ID in that page.
I did go to Settings -> Wi-Fi -> Menu -> Saved networks and deleted the saved ID. I then went Wi-Fi -> Add Network and put in the SSID and Password... still cannot connect.

As far as via another device, I have not tried as I am not sure how to set that up via my laptop (Windows 7, HP Pavilion dv6)
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