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Help Nexus 7 4.2.1 Update?

Many of the problems on 4.2 were SUPPOSED to have been fixed in .1, but like any other release there's people complaining about it. You don't lose anything by waiting, as you're committed to it once you accept it. If you're willing to assume the risk, root ring might be the best answer for you as it'll allow you to backup 4.1, and restore it if you aren't happy with the current release.
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The update is rather baffling and has made the OS a lot uglier. The auto brightness is broken it constantly changes every few seconds. Not really sure who would approve this update, but overall the n7 still seems to run the same

outside of the lockscreen being enabled to host widgets, what other visual changes did it receive that strike you as ugly? To me it looks the same as before.
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I have 4.2.1 on two N7s and my GNEX. With all three I haven't seen any problems, but haven't seen any advantages either. Yes I now have lock screen widgets, but I don't use them. With all three I installed the Fixed Clock widget because the bold hours on the default lock screen clock looks so ugly. I installed the update mostly because I dislike being nagged by the update available notification, and if it were possible to disable this I'd have felt a lot less urgency to upgrade.

Actually I do like the smaller icons at the bottom of the screen, so there is something in 4.2 I like :)
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I Just Got My Nexus 7 Today, Set Up Two Users On It(Mine Under Owner, Mrs On The Second!).... She Has Set Hers Up The Way She Wants, But I've Been Encountering A Few Problems, Lots Of Things stoPing Even Had The Stock Launcher Crash!
Facebook Keeps Crashing Before I Can Even Finish Typing My Email Address!

Any Ideas?

imo your problem is in the multi user setup. my tablet ran flawlessly until i setup multiuser then it froze up to a hult. deleted the new user and everything went back to the way it was!
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