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Nexus One news/weather widget!


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May 6, 2010
I've been looking for a simple yet powerful weather widget for quite sometime. (I don't need goofy weather animations.) The N1 news/weather widget is exactly what I was looking for, and it runs great on the Evo. The included app is also very nice, I like seeing a graph of temp change over time.

Here's a link to an Incredible thread with the apk download.

Sorry for the delay with screenshots





Also another cool aspect, you can configure the widget to display just weather, just news, or both.
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Great little widget, Im using it as a news widget. Having an issue though, when I first add the widget to my homescreen if cycles through the news articles prefectly. After A few minutes it just stays on one article. Is this normal? Im thinking it just cycles through any new articles then it just stops after it finished through all the new ones right?
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And it does a very good job of fetching news based on the keyword...

I put in Topeka for my local news and it pulls only the news from the city and from several different news sources...

Awesome, just awesome...
I agree. With the default configuration, the widget is good. However, after adding some customized keywords, I've found it to be extremely useful.

(and thanks, marctronixx!!)
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