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Help Nexus Prime Texting Language support


Dec 25, 2011
I'm sorry if this doesn't belong here but I was not sure where to put this question.

I was wondering if there was any way of knowing if there would be an update to the Nexus Prime, for Verizon, which would allow me to use other texting languages besides the current ones. I travel often to Japan and South Korea, but I noticed that the phone did not support these languages for texting.

Unless I missed something while looking at the display model at Verizon, I know I am able to change the phone's display language to Japanese and Korean but I am not able to switch between English and Japanese/Korean texting, as you can with the iPhone.

Does Android, or Verizon, have updates which add more languages to it's keyboards? Will I have to download an app, if such exists, in order for me to type in these languages?

I have not used an android phone yet so I do not have much knowledge about the apps that are available for android, as well as ICS.

Thank you!
Even though it is not a world (International ready) phone; since it runs on a CDMA, I was under the impression that it would run in countries that support CDMA with a VZW Global Sim.

Is that not the case?

For specific international support call VZW and ask to talk to that department. I had to call them once in the past for a specific unlock and they were very helpful.

Phone is called the Galaxy Nexus btw.
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